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Case Study 9: Lead Generation & Onboarding Automation for Startups

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Odutayo Group helps companies automate lead generation in business development.



● Partnered with the client to define ideal customer profiles and lead criteria.

● Tailored Hubspot CRM to identify and engage companies matching the client's criteria automatically.

● Developed a consistent automated outreach sequence and integrated a streamlined onboarding process.

● Conducted training for the sales team to maximize the system's lead conversion capabilities.

"The automation solution... has drastically cut our overhead costs while keeping our pipeline full." - CEO, Client Company


Ensured a steady flow of leads with a constant presence in the sales cadence.

Reduced sales staff time spent on post-purchase tasks through automation.

Allowed the startup to maintain a lean sales team, saving on overhead without compromising engagement or satisfaction.


Odutayo Group's automation strategies significantly reduce costs and maintain high customer engagement for growing businesses.

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