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Case Study 8: Custom Email Platform Development - Sales Efficiency Enhancement


● Challenge: Create a specialized email platform for sales development to replace inadequate existing solutions.

● Solution: Developed a cost-effective, custom email platform tailored to the client’s needs.


"This custom email platform... comes with a cost-saving that’s truly unparalleled." - Chief Sales Officer, Client Company


● Conducted comprehensive needs assessment for specific platform features and capabilities.

● Designed and built a scalable custom email platform, ensuring compatibility with sales tools.

● Utilized cost-effective technologies and agile development for cost minimization.

● Engaged in extensive testing with the sales team to meet functional requirements.

● Provided detailed training and documentation for a seamless transition to the platform.


● Delivered a bespoke email platform within budget, below the cost of annual licensing fees.

● Enhanced sales team productivity with a platform suited to their workflows.

● Offered a scalable solution for future sales strategies and company growth.


Odutayo Group delivers customized technology solutions that surpass standard offerings, enhancing client productivity and scalability.

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