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Case Study 7: Data Consolidation and Reporting Automation


● Challenge: The client's sales manager required a more efficient data consolidation and analysis approach.

● Solution: Implemented a custom reporting system with Power BI for automated data consolidation.


"With the Power BI integration, our data analysis is faster and more insightful..." - Sales Manager, Client Company


● Reviewed and pinpointed automation opportunities within existing data management tools.

● Integrated sales programs with Power BI for seamless data consolidation.

● Created custom dashboards for immediate data visualization tailored to the sales manager’s requirements.

● Launched a training program for effective use of the new reporting tools by the sales team.


● Empowered real-time data selection and visualization for the sales manager.

● Guaranteed timely and precise reporting, improving strategic decision-making.

● Removed the need for manual data assembly, saving time and minimizing errors.

● Manager Time Saved: 5 hours per week.

● Error Reduction: Accuracy improved by 30 basis points from 69% to 99%.


Odutayo Group's custom reporting systems enable clients to make informed decisions quickly and accurately.

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