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Case Study 6: CRM and Email Marketing Integration - Sales Automation


● Challenge: Integrate email campaign management within CRM without separate platforms.

● Solution: Automated marketing tools within Hubspot CRM.


"The seamless integration of our email marketing within Hubspot has been a game-changer..." - Marketing Executive, Client Company


● Performed an in-depth review of the client’s sales and marketing processes.

● Developed a customized solution to align the CRM with the email marketing system.

● Enabled automatic data flow from Hubspot to Salesloft for initiating email campaigns.

● Provided training and support during the integrated system transition.


● Automated campaign triggers, improving marketing responsiveness.

● Consolidated sales and marketing operations, enhancing overall efficiency.

● Reduced manual work, allowing sales focus on lead closure.

● Efficiency Increase: 1000%

● Marketing Volume Increase: 2000% per day


Odutayo Group's integration solutions substantially elevate marketing and sales efficiency.

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