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Case Study 5: Business Development Software - Freight Forwarder


● Client: International Freight Forwarder.

● Challenge: Enhance productivity and lead generation for Account Managers.


● Collaborated with a Freight Forwarder to analyze account management workflows and identify efficiency roadblocks.

● Assessed various business development software for scalability, user-friendliness, and integration capabilities.

● Custom-developed and integrated robust business development software with existing CRM systems.

● Automated repetitive tasks, refined lead generation processes, and provided comprehensive training for the sales team.

● Implemented a performance tracking system for continuous software improvement.


● Achieved a tenfold increase in productivity.

● Generated a 1200% increase in leads for Account Managers.

● Improved close rates by 15% year-over-year.


Odutayo Group's bespoke solutions significantly boost client productivity and sales effectiveness.

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