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Case Study 1: RPA in Contact Centre Sales - Banking Client


  • Goal: Increase efficiency and reduce employee turnover in the contact centre.

  • Method: Implement Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline sales processes.


"Right away we felt the benefits of the automations and our sales agents were happier and more efficient." - Director of Contact Centre, Banking Client


  • Hosted workshops with sales agents to identify high volume repetitive processes.

  • Shortlisted and documented best candidates for automation.

  • Developed and launched automations, provided training and support materials.


  • 20% reduction in human labour hours.

  • Sales agents could focus more on revenue-generating activities.

  • Employee satisfaction increased by 80%.

  • Revenues increased by 10% within 6 months.


Odutayo Group effectively implements technology to improve client operations and revenue.

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